• How to apply the COSNYL® cream?

COSNYL® is applied directly, on clean and dry skin, by massaging slightly.

Apply up to 2 to 3 times a day for 10 days. A small amount is enough for small tattoos. For larger tattoos, the amount will need to be adapted.

  • Why choose COSNYL® for my tattoo?

COSNYL® is a new cream that, thanks to its unique composition: repairs, moisturizes and protects tattooed skin.

  • Who is COSNYL® for?

COSNYL® can be used on all skins and on any type of tattoo.


COSNYL® is VEGAN. It has not been tested on animals and contains no components of animal origin.

  • How to order COSNYL® if I am an individual?

Go directly to the section « SHOP » of the website.

  • How to order COSNYL® if I am a tattoo professional?

Go to the website « Tattooist Area »